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My Dynamic Duo (color) by KillianSeraphim
My Dynamic Duo (color)
The jury is still out on what background I should use, but I think it's safe to say the colors turned out really well.  


Trisha Donnelly:  

After surviving an experimental program organized by Lexcorp, Trisha came victim to yet another unfortunate series of circumstances: the Braniac invasion.  She was among the many that happened to be bottled by the intergalactic collector, for reasons unknown to her.

Her savior, a small trinket that happened to be stored aboard the ship.  A ring from a fallen Green Lantern, detecting an a strong will for survival.

A will, capable of being its next wielder.  With the power of light on her side, and only the limitations of her own will and imagination hindering her, Trisha is liberated from her stasis chamber, determined to welcome a particular alien overlord to her planet...

...Will Smith style!

Narissa LeVarr:

Her mother was familiar with traveling to other worlds.  It was through this means that she managed to save their world.  Thus, when Narissa awoke in an underwater city ruled by a human, she wasn't entirely surprised.  From there, she familiarized herself with this new world, and the alien threat that loomed over it.  Her mother was a strong advocate of justice, in her rule of their people.  She may not have been the legendary Terra Le'Varr, but this young Myr was determined to follow her mother's footsteps.

Conclusion: a great way to end my vacation time.

Now to get ready for work tomorrow :lol:
My Dynamic Duo by KillianSeraphim
My Dynamic Duo
I started playing DC Universe online again.  Thus, here are my two characters:

Trisha Donnelly, the unofficial Green Lantern of Earth :lol:

Narissa Le'Varr,  who, well most of the people who follow me know what her powers entail

Colors will come soon.
The people at the Wyoming Institute of Technonogy think they've found some:…

And while many a Christian may jump for joy upon reading this (not going to lie, I probably would as well, if I wasn't already half asleep when I found this :lol: )  you forum regulars know me.  I'm the guy who loves seeing things from other points of view, who enjoys throwing his life philosophies into the fray, and letting the diversity here burn off the access.  Life is a forge to me,  good or bad, I choose to find the usefulness in it all, that I might emerge stronger.

But that's another topic for another time.  What I'd love to see is the varying responses from all of you about this.  Is it real?  Is it not?  

You know my stance on the matter.  I'm a Christian.  The bible says that God's glory is throughout creation.  Christians like me have been seeing it everywhere.  The bible states that the universe came to being through speech.  It would make sense, then, that our building blocks would contain the resemblance of language, and that this is just another of the many things we (Christians) see.

What I find amusing is that it's Aramaic, specifically, to which they've made the connection.  To me, if that's confirmed, that's probably the most crucial part of this whole thing.

What's your position on the idea that verses from a book, deemed by many to be purely antiquity, may be written into your very DNA?
I started reading some stuff from Top Cow/ Image comics, specifically Cyber Force: Rebirth, and Aphrodite IX: Rebirth because I like the artist.  Upon finishing them, however, I found more to latch on to than the stunning artwork, and absolutely cannot wait for the next issues.

But that's beside the point.  One of these grabbing features was the interesting moral dilemma presented in the story.  I'll try not to give too much away, but basically, the world is inevitably about to end.  The main antagonists (or protagonists in some cases) know that the world is about to end, and undertake a plan to enact a series of protocols.  Not necessarily to save current life, as that's deemed impossible, but to create new life capable of withstanding the earth's drastic ecological change.  This goal causes this group to undertake drastic measures in order to ensure that everything is ready before the predicted deadline, measures that would be deemed morally gray at best and inhumane at worst.  Obviously, we, the reader are rooting for the guys trying to stop this.

But, in the terms of the story, this group isn't wrong.  Everything happens exactly as they predicted, and everything works according to plan (mostly).  Agree with them, or not, they effectively save humanity by forcibly ending it, then rebooting it.  It reminds me of the Watchmen comic, in that way.

Thus, the question is this:  Hypothetically, how far should one go to save the world?  What if the only way to save life was a way deemed socially or morally unacceptable?  
Tagged by :iconblackrabbit98:

TAG rules: 

1) Write down every letter in your name
2) Write down a song that pops into you head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people. 

Eh, this will be a nice distraction from everything else I need to do

K - Keep on Shinin' by Third Day

I - In the End by Black Veil Brides

L - Larger than Life by Backstreet Boys

L - Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

I - Indestructible by Exile

A - Awakening by Nocturnal Rites

N - New Horizons by Serenity 

S - Superhero by Simon Curtis

E - Enter a Life by Excallion

R - Rev On by Jorn

A - Awake and Alive by Skillet

P - Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

H - Hero by Skillet

I - Ignition by Tobymac

M - Make a Move by Icon for Hire

Now...I'm not going to tag 14 people to this.




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Chris Craver
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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a Christian devoted to my faith, and view my art as part of what God made me to be. I love science fiction and fantasy, have a bit of an obsession with the Japanese culture, through extension love anime and martial arts.



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