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    She should be cold.  Her body shivered underneath her damp clothes, as the rain struck in relentless torrents.  The sound of thunder shook her body.  Flashes of light cut through the blackened sky like white hot fingers of heaven’s rage.  As a child, she found this frightening.  As a teenager, a nuisance.


    But here. Now; with her toes hanging off the edge of one of the many multistory buildings that decorated the landscape; the muted nightlife of downtown Tokyo moving beneath her watchful gaze.  No.  This shivering she felt wasn’t from cold; not from the distain of her apparel soaked in spring’s baptism of fire and water.  Excitement, was what caused her chest to flutter, her fingers to flex, her knees to shudder.  She couldn’t contain the eager smile that swelled from within her spirit.  She was a child, setting foot into Disneyland for the very first time.

    Her left pocket vibrated.  Her body dropped from her ledge.  Nimble fingers reached for the metal railing she knew would be there.  With lightning, they took hold.  Her body swung beneath the balcony, as she launched herself towards the next floor.

    Her feet greeted the furnished wood briefly, before her body broke into a roll.  She stopped just in front of the glass door.  Fortunately, the apartment was empty.  She flicked out the tanto sheathed on her forearm, and with little effort, jimmied the lock.  The faint smell of bleach lingered inside.  Most likely, the previous tenant recently moved out.

    Fingers reached for the phone, once again demanding attention.  She already knew who it was.  Even before her crimson eyes glanced at the familiar symbols, the conversation played out dozens of times in her mind.

    “Moshi moshi,” she responded innocently.

    “Cut the cutesy bullshit, Fuyu,” the angry voice on the other line hissed, “You have something of mine, don’t you?”

    “I could ask the same thing, sister,” she said playfully.

    “What are you doing?” Exasperation.

    “I felt like a walk.  Maybe I’ll hit a club later.  Dance a little.  Find a cute guy to hang out with?

    “Don’t give me that!” Anger. “That contract was meant for me!”

    “Was it?” she responded, her fingers idly playing with the small package in her jacket’s breast pocket, “Your name wasn’t on it.”

    “You know what I mean!  I’m the next head of the family.  I’m the one they want!”

    “I’m the one they need,” she responded, cutting the playful banter, “And you know I can be very persuasive.”

    Silence.  The voice on the other end seemed to calm down.


    She blinked.  Her name.  Her real name.  Mother and father were the only ones who used it regularly.  Everyone else seemed content with the name for her appearance, or was it her attitude.  Perhaps it was both. 

    “You know how much this means to me, Saeko,” the voice continued, “You know what I’ve done to get to this point.”

    “Of course,” Fuyu responded quietly, “I was there for most of it.”

    “I…can’t…go back from this, sister,” she responded, “Grandpa and father made certain of that.  They’ll disown me if I fail to do this.”

    Fuyu remained silent.

    “Please, come home,” she continued, “Please, let me do this, this one thing.  I don’t care what you do afterwards.”

    The water that had dripped rapidly from her clothes and winter white hair slowed to crawl.  The clay carpet beneath her shoes had darkened with moisture and mud.  Fuyu watched the violent downpour outside, as her thoughts tossed about.  The line was quiet, save for the breathing of both siblings.

    “This is my only chance as well,” Fuyu finally responded.


    “I know what you’ve done to get here,” Fuyu interrupted, anger beginning to swell within her bosom, “and I’m sorry for what might happen if you don’t carry out this contract.  But let me ask you: do you know what I’ve gone through?  Do you know what it’s like to be treated like an invalid? To be looked over as someone who can’t make the cut?  Who needs to be looked after and watched daily to make sure she doesn’t burn herself sitting near a window too long?  To be forced to wear stupid looking glasses for most of your life?  To have other people scared of you, mock you, because you look like a fucking vampire?

    “Saeko, please,” the voice begged.

    “You’re sitting in my spot, sister! My place!  I should be the head of the family! I the oldest! Not you!

    “But grandfather couldn’t accept that.  He passed the family heritage to you; because of this stupid fucking condition.”

    She heard voices beyond the doorway to the main hall.  Her voice and breath froze in her throat.  Did they hear her? Where they coming in?

    A minute passed.

    Two minutes.


    Nothing.  Fuyu sighed with relief.  She turned back to her phone, thankful that her sister remained after that outburst.    

    “I’ll give you the information,” she said calmly, “But I’m not coming home.”

    A sharp breath was heard on the other end.

    “We both worked hard to get to this point, sister, and I’m not giving up to go back to that type of life.  If you want your spot in the family…

    …you’ll have to take it from me.”

Baptism (part 1)
This is my audition for Assassin's Dance OCT assassinsdance-oct.deviantart.… , and it's about time I finally put this on Word document. :lol:

Part 2 will come soon.

I think Terra Le'Varr has a new theme song XD

Name: Goddess Terra


Age: 2000 years


Species: Undead cyborg


Height: 8’6”


Weight: 956lbs



Goddess Terra has the appearance of a Myr’mydin, an anthropomorphic eel-like creature.  She has silvery blue scales, and glowing golden eyes.  Locks of ink black hair fall to the middle of her back.  Her hands and feet are partially webbed, and curved metallic barbs protrude from her forearms and finned tail.  A rounded gem like object protrudes from her chest, and ornately shaped metal covers her eyebrows, forehead, jaw, ear fins and spine.




Goddess Terra is a master at combat, with a preference to close quarters fighting.  With cybernetic enhancements she is four times stronger, faster, and more agile than anyone of her species.  As a Myr’mydin, she can generate her own electrical current.  With the enhancements, her previous twenty thousand volts is increased to ten million volts, with the added bonus of magnetic field manipulation.  Her telepathy is also increased beyond the point of simply reading thoughts, but bending them to her own.  In addition to the information stored in her own organic brain, she can access any and all information she desires from electronic networks and machines, even overriding said machines with her own commands. 




Aggressive, haughty, calculating, cold




In her life, she was a legend.  Terra Le’Varr, and her band of four hundred soldiers achieved what many though impossible, delivering hope in a hopeless time.  When the ancient demons of chaos were defeated, her people were grateful.  She ruled as queen, was hailed as a hero, even worshiped as a goddess.  It was this latter title that drove her from the throne.  She left, bringing two hundred men with her to live as a nomad on the farthest reaches of the sea.  She bore a family, lived a good life, and died gratefully.


But her story didn’t end there.  The cult that emerged from her exploits managed to recover her body.  At that point, they engaged in the unthinkable, reanimation.  After all, gods cannot die.  They delved into the arena of robotics and cybernetics, secretly becoming the leading edge of Myr’mydin technology, all in an effort to make their deity truly immortal.  Finally, they succeeded.


Now, in an age of information and scientific development, they still work.  The bulky mess of metal and wires that sustained her before shrunk to small plates and nano-technology.  Regardless of being more machine than mortal, she still bore some semblance of herself, a semblance that had slowly buried under millenniums of programming and conditioning from her worshipers.  Thus the true irony was realized, that the supposed goddess of justice and war, was now a slave to her own following.  Even her personality could be swayed and changed with merely a few command strokes from her caretakers. This new Goddess Terra, was now a tool, a weapon; forced to live in the fleshy-metallic cage that was her own body.

Goddess Terra Character Sheet
My current class is about character and object design.  My recent assignment was to create a hero and villian character sheet.  My submissions: two variatins of two established OCs of mine. 

To give you an idea of how OP my villians are :lol:
Twenty Thousand Volts of Badass by KillianSeraphim
Twenty Thousand Volts of Badass
Wanting to make another wallpaper, and wanting to make something almost, if not as good, as Cera's new look  

It's been a while since Narissa Le'Varr got some attention, so here we go :lol:
People can lie. People can act.

Audio can be faked.

Video can be edited.

Pictures can be photoshopped.

Documents can be forged. Even our own senses can deceive us. Thus, in this day and age of information manipulation, we eventually have to trust that SOMETHING is being truthful. Otherwise, I doubt we could properly live.

Therefore, where does your faith reside?


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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a Christian devoted to my faith, and view my art as part of what God made me to be. I love science fiction and fantasy, have a bit of an obsession with the Japanese culture, through extension love anime and martial arts.



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