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Rika Servat by KillianSeraphim
Rika Servat

I wish to thank :iconsenshistock: for the pose reference Worm's Eye Staff - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock

Name: Rika Servat

a.k.a: Rika the Giant

Race: Elf

Age: 24

Height: 6’11”

Weight: 200lbs

Build: Amazonian physique

(UPDATED) Religion:  Embers of Olam Esh

Olam Esh: the name simply means “eternal fire”, but what exactly does it denote?  Is the fire literal, or is it figurative of something else?  Is it passion? Love? Anger? Destruction? Purification? War? Life? Death? Does it mold and fortify? Does it burn all it touches to ash?  Does it illuminate, or does it blind?  Does it shield, or does it consume?

The answer, is that it “simply is”.  Be it represented by the burning sun ruling the day, or the brilliant stars guarding the night, Olam Esh is seen as an integral part of the universe.  It creates, and destroys equally, without partiality.  Some see this as a sign that Olam Esh is an entirely neutral entity of life, yet the more astute see its core as a truly creative essence.  It forged life from the void, molded worlds to its liking.  Fortifies that which it deems to, and that purges that which is useless to the growth of its creation.  Even when it utterly consumes that which it creates, it lays the building blocks for new life, like a forest fire leaves minerals in the soil, for the place to grow anew.

 The Embers of Olam Esh are those that recognize the presence of the eternal fire.  Life, itself, is seen as a burning flame; embers given to all living things from this powerful “god source”.  They seek Olam Esh, to serve its will; be it through making their own creations, illuminating through knowledge and wisdom, preserving that which was created, or purging that which would seek to harm it.   In doing so, their souls, their embers of existence, are ignited.  They’re imaginations flourish, their thoughts illuminated, and their bodies strengthened for their respective tasks.  They make new creations, some unseen to the world.  They gain new wisdom and knowledge, as well as where in creation to look.  Yet, the most overt change: they harness the eternal flame itself.  No Ember truly burns alone.  The Fire is always with them.  Even in death, their spirits burn, watching the lives of the created as stars.

Personality:  Calm, collected, content. Tends to be quiet and keep her own company.  Rarely loses her cool, making her all the more frightening on the occasions it does happen.  Protective of those she considers friends or family.  Likes to weigh her options, but is obstinate when she sets her mind on something.   She’s neutral good, caries a strong sense of moral right and wrong, but will disregard governmental regulations if they get in her way.  She may be a gentle giant, but she’s still a giant.



Brotherhood of the Sun





Magic Abilities:

Celestial Fire:

    -          Flame cloak: Surrounds herself in fire, deterring physical attack

    -          Enhance weapon: Surrounds her weapon in fire

    -          Fireball: Throws a ball of flame that explodes on impact.

Runes of Power:

The rune tattooed on her shoulder grants her increased strength and speed.  Sort of like the Kaio-ken from Dragonball.



Elven footing:  her heritage combined with her weapons training makes it incredibly difficult for her to loose her balance.

Recall Weapon

Uncanny Willpower

Theme song: Brick House - The Commodores (because, dear God, those lyrics are hilariously ironic :rofl:)

City of the Dawn (Maya's theme) - Killer Instinct OST (because this is serious business guys. :lol: )


    Rika Servat barely knew the world beyond the oasis town she grew up in, or the expansive desert beyond.  With both members of her family active in their chapter of the Guardians, Rika knew her way around weapons and armor at a young age, as well as developed a sense of right and wrong.  It wasn’t the easiest upbringing.  Not only was there worry that her parents may not come back whenever they left for work, but her oversized frame made fitting in with other children difficult.  She gained the name “Rika the Giant”; a name meant to be a mark of shame and isolation.

    Fate, however, has a funny way of handling things.  By her eighteenth year, she joined the ranks of the Brotherhood.  Her aging parents transferred to a peacekeeping roll within the town, while Rika herself, took to protecting the town from without.  From dangerous beasts to bandit raids, Rika’s childhood name became less of a means of insult, and more of a badge of honor, as she proved herself time and again to be invaluable on the battlefield.  There was even talk about sending her to Zenith to represent the Brotherhood in the tournaments there.  At first, Rika turned it down.  She had no desire to prove herself, nor any real need for that level of attention. 

    Her mind changed, however, when word of an elf bearing her name had entered the last tournament.  Up till this point, she wasn’t aware of any relatives outside of her hometown.  Yet images followed these stories, and Rika saw the family resemblance.  Upon investigation, it turns out she had an aunt, one long thought dead, and that this young elf, this Seraph, was her offspring. 

    Rika spent the next year training, honing her skill to their best.  When the time came, she put in for a transfer to Zenith.  She’d never been too far from her town, never needed to.  Now there was a reason.  She had a cousin on the other side of the globe who was alone, who was probably as clueless about her as she had been about him. 

    Families look out for each other.  Rika intended to do just that.

First Monty Oum, then Lenard Nimoy, now Sir Christopher Lee. This year REALLY needs to stop killing our cool people.


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