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So I discovered Cera means "fiery one"...

Kind of ironic if you know my character and whom she's related to :lol:
Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on. SPREAD THE OC LOVE! No "I don't do tags/memes," please, or I will not be able to include you.

NPC Reference Sheet: Veronica by crazyshiro by :iconcrazyshiro: , because angsty bundles of rage amuse me. :lol:

Kleo Dorje Yongten Ref by Antonio64398 by :iconantonio64398: , because martial arts mages are awesome.

Skotos by :iconkouta-aburame: , because his motivation and method of doing things in Ty'Eld was cool.  He was basically Anonymous :lol:

Captain Jack Oceanus by Haos51 by :iconhaos51: Unconventional weapons are amusing, Space pirates are the best pirates, and because Twenty Thousand Volts of Badass by KillianSeraphim would fry me if I didn't pick him :lol:
Sylvia Varen by KillianSeraphim
Sylvia Varen

- Name: Sylvia Yamatori Varen

- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 25
- Height: 5'11"
- Weight: 144 lbs
- Skin color: Pale
- Hair color: White
- Eye color: red

- Wardrobe: Whatever blends in.  Otherwise, darkness.

- Personality: Cold, calculating, manipulative, ambitious.  She treats the world like a giant chessboard.  Its inhabitants, pieces to meet her ends.  Some pieces are more valuable than others.  She controls these pieces through shows of innocents, weakness, charm, nobility, however is necessary.  If one manages to peel away these masks, however, they would find her much like a cat, finding as much joy in tormenting her prey as killing them.

- Guild: Circle of Shadows

- Weapons (see powers): Cat claws

- Utility items (see powers): Kunai, Blinding Powder

- Powers:  Manipulate Shadow.

Silent Shroud:  The armor that she wears is made entirely of condensed darkness.  Its strength ranges from that of cloth armor to steel (more below)

Reaper Claws:  Shadowy Cat claws that she can summon at will

Dark Bolts:  My explanation why my character has AN INFINITE SUPPLY OF KUNAI!! 

Teleport: Saeko can step into a shadow and, as long as she knows where she’s going, can step out of another shadow.

Phantoms:  Create dummy shadows to distract enemy’s or lure prey.

- Skills: Stealth, Politics, Acrobatics, Hand to Hand Combative, Tech Canceling

- Weaknesses:

Light.  Depending on the time of day, Saeko can range from nearly unstoppable to severely crippled.  This extends to any source of light, from the sun, to torches, to luminescent magic (black light doesn’t count).  Anything connected to sunlight can pretty much shut down her power entirely (the only exception is Dark Bolt, which is the simplest to do)

                  -Albinoism: Impeding her power isn’t the only issue Saeko faces.  As an albino, she has impaired vision in bright light.  Bright flashes have longer effects than normal.  She also sunburns easily, and will tend to avoid direct sunlight when possible.

Holy magic: Has the capacity to completely shut down her shadow control for a period of time.

Anything else a human is normally weak to.

Theme song: (coming soon.  It would have been Kiss of Death by Silent Force but YOUTUBE DOESN'T HAVE IT!!! :angryfist: )

Backstory: (coming soon.  Something to do with being raised by elvish assassins and being chased by a pesky woodland bounty hunter. :lol: )


Welll, this is my "foot in the door" as it were.  Now, be it Assassin's Dance or the second round of Zenith, I've got a ninja in both camps.

Now just don't start both tournaments at once :lol:

Also, bonus points if you can figure out where in my OC lore I've put this one :lol:



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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a Christian devoted to my faith, and view my art as part of what God made me to be. I love science fiction and fantasy, have a bit of an obsession with the Japanese culture, through extension love anime and martial arts.



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