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Fuyu Yamatori by KillianSeraphim
Fuyu Yamatori

Name: Saeko "Fuyu" Yamatori

Alias: Fuyu Karasu (Winter Raven)

Gender: Female

Age 20

Languages: Japanese, English, a bit of Chinese

List of Skills:
Martial artist (Advanced training in Shoulin Kenpo)
Hacking (intermediate skill)

- Albinoism
Skin burns easily in direct sunlight, unless protected by clothing or sunscreen
Eyes are more sensitive to bright light and glare, causing her vision to be impared more easily.  

-Has a tendency to push herself too hard, causing her to overestimate herself.

Personality: Difficult to read, ambitious, cold, suspicious (almost paranoid), calculating, manipulative to most. She keeps most people at a distance, and has a difficult time trusting anyone.  Unless she finds you useful in completing her goals, she hardly bother with you.  A woman with few friends, yet those on that small list of friends are family to her.

Current Gear:
.45 caliber semi-auto pistol

The Yamatori family has had a long standing love affair with the arts of assassination and espionage .  Fuyu's ancestors were among the first shinoubi, and survived the fall of Iga Castle near the end of the Sengoku Period.  Years down the line, they carried their history and knowledge to their firstborn children, groomed to be the successor.  When Fuyu was born, however, her condition caused complications.  As the family elders saw this as a form of weakness, they passed the mantle from her to her younger twin sister.  

Fuyu, too young to fully understand at the time, felt cheated when she discovered this decision.  She was angry, angry at her family, angry at her body.  The little girl didn't want to be treated like a glass doll for the rest of her life, treated like the weaker child.  At that point, she was determined to rebel against her lot in life, starting with a war against that which betrayed her most: her body.

At nine years old, she was the best gymnast in her school
At eleven, she earned her 1st degree black belt at her family's dojo
At thirteen she took up parkour, looking alternate ways to get to and from school, then later work.
During her time in middle, and high-school she focused on manipulating computers, then people.
She tried her hand at archery, kendo, and the javalin, loosing interest as soon as she thought her skill, and more importantly her eyesight, was satisfactory.

Fuyu may not have recieved the secialized training that her sister was given, but by the time she graduated college, she felt confident that her skill was equal, if not better.  So when an invitation to join an international organization called "The Game" was sent to her sister, it was too easy a decision to intercept the invitation.  This was her chance.  This would be her final act of defiance against her fate.  No longer would she be the weaker vessel, unable to carry her family's legacy.

She was a predator, and the hunt was just beginning.

Character Theme: Dangerous - Within Temptation (feat Howard Jones)…



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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a Christian devoted to my faith, and view my art as part of what God made me to be. I love science fiction and fantasy, have a bit of an obsession with the Japanese culture, through extension love anime and martial arts.



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